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Here’s Why Imelda Marcos Cannot Steal Nor Return the Wealth for Humanity Alone


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Elena Grace Flores

The late President Ferdinand Marcos once again out smarts the Liberal Party. His vow to take care of his people even after death is about to happen. The wealth for humanity is not only documented and secured but also legally deposited. The deposits of the one million metric tons of gold cannot be moved without the unity of  The World Bank, IMF, Central Bank, Philippine Government, Marcos Heir and the trustee of the German Signatory or his heir.

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[VIDEO]: One-on-one interview ni Mel Tianco kay dating unang ginang Imelda Marcos.

World Legality

The World Bank and IMF’s agreement on the tons of gold deposited by ex-President Marcos can never deny the fact that the wealth for humanity is real. Despite Rep. Imelda Marcos’ TV interview with Mel Tiangco a few years ago, people seem to be more fascinated with the who steals what scenario. They cannot understand the fact that the late Marcos made sure that they are secured for its purpose. In fact, World Bank-IMF safeguards them that they can be used as indicated in his will.

Local Agent

The Central Bank is also the keeper of the manifest that the wealth is secured for the welfare of Filipinos. Around 400,000 metric tons of gold is believed to be locked in the 3rd floor of the Central bank according to the latest report from the World Bank whistleblower. There were rumors that some of them are already missing during the Aquino regime. This is just a fraction of the World Bank deposits.

Right Philippine President

The Philippine government must be in partnership with the Marcos heir because as of now, Imelda Marcos is the keeper of the bill of lading for the rest of the gold deposited in over 200 countries. This is the reason why the Aquinos cannot do something about it during their two consecutive presidential terms. The yellow-ran-PCGG had to loot the Marcoses’ personal assets just to accuse them of wrongdoings. The former first lady made it clear during the interview with Tiangco that they did not steal anything. In fact, they are the ones robbed.

LP must Swallow their Lies

Alleged martial law victim, Etta Rosales and the rest of the LP people keep on accusing the Marcoses of such ill-gotten wealth when the wealth for humanity is not even under the family’s name. Ferdinand Marcos was only the depositor. It is clearly stated in the agreement that the reserves are for the welfare of the people. These cannot be withdrawn in cold cash. Instead, they can serve as guarantees for the nation’s debts or funds for public service projects of the government. The late Cory Aquino snubbed this. Du30 is wise enough to take the offer. It’s about time.

Stop the Lies: No One Can Steal the Wealth for Humanity – Marcos Made Sure Of That for his Beloved Country