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How Does Glenn Chong’s Promise on Trillanes Avenge Bongbong Marcos’ Election Plight?


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Elena Grace Flores

Atty. Glenn Chong announces that the cases that they filed against the critic of President, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV  are the following as per his group’s promise:

  1.  Art. 142 of Revised Penal Code for inciting to Sedition
  2. Art. 136 of Revised Penal Code for Proposal to Commit Coup d’etat
  3. Sec 3(e) of Republic Act No. 3019 for graft and corruption.

He also explained the basis of the cases against the Senator. Aside from this development, he launches a campaign to call on the government not to use Smartmatic in 2019 after what happened to Bongbong Marcos.

Video by; Mentong Tiu

[VIDEO]: How do you solve a problem like SmartMatic? Dahil ang SmartMatic po, kung wala tayong magawa upang mapigilan ito, ay ang ‘syang magbibilang nanaman ng boto sa 2019. As our guest, Former Congressman Glenn Chong, a Clean Elections Advocate, would describe it, it is a dreadful prospect.

Congress Support

Most loyalists believe that the key to the Du30-Marcos tandem realization is to give fake newsmakers like Trillanes a lesson.  This can even stop any destabilization efforts on a big scale. Cebu Representative Gwen Garcia who wants the truth to come out on the 2016 VP race also suggests running after the resigned Comelec Chair, Andy Bautista aside from the measures to manage Trillanes’ bullying.

Backing Bongbong Marcos

Lawyer, Atty. Glenn Chong earlier discloses to the Former Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes that the Liberal Party falls into his trap. This is to solely determine the party’s connivance with the Comelec. Therefore measuring the fraud committed against Bongbong Marcos. Just recently, Chong’s group fulfills its promise to make Trillanes liable for inciting rebellion. His negative remarks on the President are just harmful to the administration.

Privilege Speech Gone Wrong

Chong said that Senator Antonio Trillanes incited a coup in his Senate privilege speech on October 13, 2017. He also did the same violation during his speeches at the Tindig Pilipinas launching in University of the Philippines.


Not Protected by the Constitution

Chong said that Trillanes’ privilege speech is not protected by the constitution. He can be held liable for what he said against the President. He also gave an example of a U.S Supreme Court Case where an American Senator had faced charges for allegedly accepting bribes in exchange for his vote in the Senate. According to the U.S Senator Brewster, his speech was protected by the U.S Constitution, but the Supreme Court justices ruled that he committed a crime and accepting bribes is not protected by the law. In the case of Trillanes, Atty. Chong said that the critic of the President violated Article 142 and 136.

Pro-Bongbong Marcos Lawyer Glenn Chong Aids in Trillanes’ Sedition Case

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