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Humanitarian Pleas of Nancy Binay: To Protect Duterte against U.N. Sanction NOT Criminals

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Only in the Philippines you can find very stupid Presidential supporters – counteracting the call of Nancy Binay for the police to respect human rights during arrests and killings of drug-related suspects. No matter how powerful a president can be in both the congress and the senate, sooner or later, the UN with the leadership of the US will be forced to initiate a move to sanction Duterte because of endless reports of merciless killings in public venues of the country.

Duterte might be rude to the UN on their criticisms against his rumored extra judicial killing involvement but the superpowers are still behind the United Nations. He was even ready to soft-talk with China to avoid conflicts because their military facility is far more modern than ours. How much more the super powers?

Nancy Binay’s plea is clearly not to protect crimininals instead, it’s protecting the president. We do not want the country to be known as “killing field” in Asia. This time, Duterte’s supporters should use their brain sometimes that what they are doing is destroying Duterte’s presidency and not preserving it.


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