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IBP: Ilocos 6 Have the Right to Bail, Calls on House to go to Supreme Court

Supreme Court

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

IBP calls on the House Committee of Congress to go to Supreme Court if it wishes to overturn CA order. If the members of the House Committee on good government and public accountability, which issued the contempt order, wants to overturn the CA’s release order, they should go to the Supreme Court, the IBP, it explained.

Youtube video from; PTV
[VIDEO]: Ilocos 6 row may lead to constitutional crisis – IBP

Integrated Bar of the Philippines

The Integrated Bar of the Philippines reminds lawmakers that the appellate court has the authority to grant bail based on the habeas corpus petition of the six detained officials. They are the ones who were cited in contempt during the alleged misuse of funds by the Ilocos Norte government inquiry.

CA is Right

The Court of Appeals did not interfere with or deny the power or authority of the House when it acted on the petition of the six Ilocos 6. It is constitutional. It is Congress that is out of line in this regard, the IBP insinuated. The Solons should back down on the CA order to release the Ilocos 6 on bail and if they refuse, they must deal with it in the Supreme Court.

Subpoena for the Governor

The House of Representatives on its subpoena to Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos requires her to attend the July 25 hearing.  Surigao Del Sur Rep. Johnny Pimentel orders Marcos to attend. She is subject to contempt if she fails to do so. She already discloses in a press conference that it is a no-show for her as per the advice of her brother, Bongbong Marcos.

Obstruction of Justice

What comes next from Congress is predictable. Bongbong Marcos faces possible contempt charges for advising his sister not to show up. This is amidst the disgust of the people commonly expressed via social media. Perhaps, the House’ abuse of power now reaches the real target, the likely winner of the VP Post electoral protest that can be the legitimate successor of the presidency.