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Imee Marcos: Bongbong Marcos is Not Used to being Jobless

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Governor Imee Marcos, Bongbong Marcos’ sister is real about her brother’s feeling without fear of potential criticisms when she said that the younger Marcos is not used to being jobless. He is definitely looking for a job without jeopardizing his electoral protest against Leni Robredo.

Youtube video from; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Former president and now Pampanga 2nd District Representative Gloria Arroyo celebrated her 70th birthday with several political VIPs. Among them, former Senator Bongbong Marcos.

Bongbong Marcos is Jobless

Imee Marcos put it really bluntly that her brother, Bongbong Marcos is jobless. He is not used to not doing anything in government service. They might have other public outreach programs but it is different from having a real job as a public servant. This is very understandable and only detractors can find negativity in this honest declaration.

Electoral Protest

Bongbong Marcos focuses on the electoral protest against Leni Robredo but the process tends to be very slow. One can only get fed-up waiting for progress on a daily basis. Marcos certainly needs a diversion. He is open to any appointed position deemed by the president for as long as it is not in conflict with the protest. The top DILG post is one of the strongest guesses that he will take up very soon.

Shy to Mention

Imee Marcos discloses that she may have lots of opportunities to talk to the president about the slow moving electoral protest proceeding but she’s very shy to even mention it. Therefore, it is probably best to leave that matter into its due course and for her brother to work in an appointed position to help the Du30 administration.

Looking for a Job

The administration needs a lot of help now that the president has fired numerous public officials. Marcos can only wait after the one year ban in May and for sure, he is off to a very important position in the cabinet, may it be DILG or not.

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