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Imee Marcos is Sorry to Hurt LP Congress Reps on 100 M Bribe Tale


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Governor Imee Marcos is apologetic to some members of the Congress particularly the LP members on her statement that their Party masterminds her possible detention due to political reasons. She is very sorry to hurt them, he said. Rep. Rudy Farinas also thanked her for clearing the issue out.

Youtube video from; Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Gov. Imee Marcos might be apologetic to the Congress but doubts over the 100 M LP bribe loom.

Non Disclosure in Congress

“I apologize to the congressmen if this is an offensive accusation that a bribe happens. I think, my source would not want to be revealed,” Marcos said. She adds that her source would not want her to name names. The confession is based on secrecy. So, she can’t reveal them

Heavy Accusation

“For the last time, I will move to cite you in contempt if you do not reveal the person. Your accusation is very heavy against the Liberal Party,” Fariñas warned. I do not mind if it affects only me but what about my colleagues who are also affected? He added.

Swallowing her Pride

Marcos then admitted that it was only her suspicion after a short break. “I apologize for my statement. It is my mere suspicion. And given that the source is uncertain, I withdraw the accusation to the integrity and honor of the House that a P100 million is circulated. It’s not true,” Marcos said


Fariñas thanked Marcos for clearing the Congress of the allegation. He is happy to score in this round to prove that Marcos was responsible for spreading the negative news. However, the fact that she only swallowed her pride to avoid detention also weighs heavier than Farinas’ temporary advantage. It’s like confessing with a knife poked at her neck for the many people watching the probe.

Imee Marcos says sorry for bribery tale against lawmakers

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