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Imee Marcos Prefers to Dwell in the Province and Take Care of Ilocos Norte’s Fresh Produce


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Ilocos Norte Governor, Imee Marcos had the chance of introducing the array of fresh produce and food products of her province during the Producer to Consumer Trade Show at the Quezon City at the beginning of this year. This is the reason why her usual frequent travels to visit her mother and son in Manila is minimized.

Youtube video from; FILIPINEWS

Proud Ilocana

Governor Marcos gamely endorses Ilocano products like bagnet, longganisa, miki noodles, and empanada. She also loves spending time in the mountains where the plantations for crops are abundant. The tomatoes from there get a special mention from her.

Her Choice

The lady governor does not have much tolerance with Manila traffic. She even prefers to inspect ongoing agricultural projects and infrastructure such as the irrigation system rather than spends much time in Capitol. She said that only people with problems go to her office to ask for help. So, she ends up absorbing them all.

Outstanding Governor

Marcos received the Outstanding Governorship in the Philippines Award 2016 for the second time after being re-elected. Since the launch of the provincial vision of “Pasingkedan ti kinatan-ok ni Ilocano” (Together, we can make Ilocos Norte Great again!) in 2010, she has pursued the four provincial missions to attain rapid and sustained growth; inclusive growth; an enabling environment; and to uphold the Ilocano heritage and positive values.

Fariñas Quest

Marcos’ revelations can easily be interpreted that she is probably not running as Senator in 2019. It is more likely that she seeks for re-election in her territory for her third and last term. It is now understandable why Majority Floor Leader of the House of Representatives Rodolfo Fariñas’ eye are on her. Their families are political rivals in Ilocos Norte.

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