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Imee Marcos: Sister of BongBong Marcos, is a Governing Tourist Attraction from Private to Public Life


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Wind Farm in Bangui, the beaches of Pagudpud, and the Patapat Road which overlooks China Sea, the lake and sand dunes of Paoay and the Northern illustrado life in the home of Juan Luna in Badoc, plus empanada and barbecued longganiza at the Marcos ancestral home in Batac, Ilocos Norte is a feast of cultural, historical and natural offerings. Ilocos Norte’s governor, Imee herself,  always ends up being asked to pose with foreign tourists, balikbayans, and local travelers for photo ops, making her the governing tourist attraction.

Youtube video by; Province of Ilocos Norte Official
[VIDEO]: The Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte thru the leadership of Governor Imee Marcos welcomes the delegates to the 18th National Mango Congress at the Malacañang of the North, Paoay, Ilocos Norte.

Daddy’s Girl but Bongbong Marcos Fulfilled His Dream

Imee Marcos has a style of speaking that is so like her father’s. Her husband, Mark Chua is a very quiet guy educated abroad. Her dad’s dream was for somebody to go overseas.  He never had the money to go overseas so that was his big frustration. Then Bongbong Marcos went. The patriarch really wanted Bong to go.  Her brother went to study overseas very young. She had a year stint in California and qualified for Princeton in England but too young for college at that time as a woman.

Public School is the Best

Imee Marcos enjoys UP. She took Bachelors of Law there. The late president Marcos also loved UP. There’s only one school for him. So, when my son, Michael, applied to only one school, which was UP, I was really frightened.  He won’t go to law school if it is not UP. It seems like by osmosis since Imee never discussed the university with her son. He just assumed he could only go to a public school. The grandparents of the Marcos siblings were public school teachers and even the late President Marcos was educated in public school It was like a major league to go to a public university in those days.

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The Ugly Duckling?

Imee admits that she does not look like her mom since she is such a stunning beauty. People ask her why she’s so dark and she does not look like her mother. She got tired of it and end up becoming a nerdy person. Just read books all the time. In fashion, the former First Lady is into classical tailoring but hers is more eccentric. Who can look like Imelda Marcos anyway, she quips.

Take on EDSA

She welcomes EDSA like it’s a big change but cannot accept the fact that contrary to people’s hope, the country did not progress. We should learn from it and study what went wrong not to repeat history. To touch people’s lives is the ultimate goal, says Imee. That’s the only measure, the final measure and in the end, the only truthful one, she added.

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