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Imee Marcos: This is the Time that People Search for the Truth – and Fight LP

Imee Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos attests in an interview that she and her family are often victims of mainstream media misinformation. She cites various news including her alleged comment on EDSA because she was not even in the rally held in front of the Ilocos Norte Provincial Capitol. However, things like that are not a problem in the internet era anymore. People now search for the truth unlike some media who do not bother to research. This is indeed the time for the truth to come out especially when her family is tricked to be transported to Hawaii instead of Paoay in 1986 by the Americans.

Youtube video by; Thinking Pinoy
[VIDEO]: Topics: Libingan ng mga Bayani; Martial Law; Support for the Duterte Presidential Campaign; and more.

Dilawan or Yellows (Liberal Party Supporters)

Governor Marcos is delighted that gone are the days when they have to take out the “Dilawan” term when referring to Liberal Party supporters just to be fair. Now, all Filipinos know who the “Dilawans” are and their trademark in black media propaganda ever since the late Senator Ninoy Aquino’s time. They resort to creating false information, propagate them through their speeches locally and overseas, and use human rights to cover their own wrongdoings.

The End of Black Media Propaganda in the Philippines

Social media has a major part in the abrupt halt of black media propaganda in the country. Since its existence, people are given real-time platforms to air their sentiments or grievances. A false news is easily verified and clarified at an instant. The majority can easily be recognized via analytical data tools. Therefore, despite the activities of so-called trolls, it is not hard to segregate reliable news websites from fake ones.

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Credible News Sites

Online journalists, unlike the salaried press people, are free to expose what they have studied and investigated without financial dependency. Credible sites that pass Google’s requirements can be monetized. Unverified information is prohibited in these mediums. Verifiable sources are a must.

VP Leni Robredo’s Betrayal to the Country

It is a shame to all Filipinos that their own Vice President is spreading misinformation just to malign the current administration. It is evident that she is hungry for power. First. she allows herself to take her oath of office for the vice-presidency despite the obvious cheatings done by her party as per Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against her. The least that she could have done is to fast-track the recount instead of delaying the process. Currently, it is clear that she spearheads the impeachment of the president as she continues to influence the UN and other human rights bodies.

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