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Imelda Marcos: Husband Risked Honor and Reputation through Martial Law but Hopes that her Son Redeems their Name

Imelda Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Former First Lady Imelda Marcos stays special like when she was the envy of others for her beauty, courage, grace, and intelligence. She attests that her husband declared Martial Law – not for a longer term in the presidency but to save the country from communist-led rebellion campaigned by Ninoy Aquino.

Youtube video by; Rom Factolerin
[VIDEO]: martial law and the attempted assassination of Imelda Marcos

False Accusations

The late President Ferdinand E. Marcos is democratically committed. Thereby, he defends the country with all his might from the threats of communism. While political enemies accuse him of power greed and dictatorship, he instills Martial Law to restore discipline and the country progresses after that. The leaders who are installed after the EDSA revolution that capitalizes on democracy are actually the communist supporters. Thus the reason for Juan Ponce Enrile and Jejomar Binay’s separation from the Aquino government.

Badge of Courage and Doing Things for Others

Imelda Marcos’ humor did not vanish even after the failed assassination. She finds it unfair that the assassin uses an ugly bolo as the weapon to kill her. She suggests to at least put a yellow ribbon on the thing to make it more presentable. A plastic surgery could have made her 11 cuts disappear but as suggested by husband, she kept them as badges of courage. Perhaps, her second chance is her reward for being so generous in giving to others. She vows to give her all after the experience.

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Poorer but Still Rich

The former first lady of the Philippines seldom gives interviews because she is misinterpreted by journalists when she discloses her innocence on accusations and new poverty after PCGG sequestered her wealth. She was once one of the ten richest women in the world. She considers herself as poor not only in material things but in the truth. But she believes the truth will prevail. It is known that when Marcos talks about being poor, she does not mean poor like in the normal standard. She is relative to the life she used to lead before.

Profound Betrayal by the Americans

When the late president Marcos died in 1989, Imelda finds herself alone fighting in what she calls the “trial of the century” in New York on graft charges. She cannot believe that after the support of many US presidents and the close friendship with Ronald and Nancy Reagan, America turns against her. It is a very profound betrayal for her and the family. Now she hopes that Bongbong Marcos redeems their name – like the wishes of many Filipinos.

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