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Imelda Marcos Not Over with Daughter’s Withdrawal from her Accusation against LP


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The withdrawal of Gov. Imee Marcos from her accusation that Liberal Party bribes the Congress  Committee 100 M to ensure her detention has caused her mother to be unhappy. Despite the former first lady’s resentment, she sticks to her main goal which is to free the Ilocos 6. Since the source of the information is bound to secrecy,  she chooses to retract her allegation to the dismay of now Congresswoman Imelda Marcos.

Youtube video from; GMA News

[VIDEO]: Gov. Imee Marcos at Ilocos 6, hindi pa raw tuluyang lusot sa imbestigasyon ng Kamara.

 Adviser’s Wisdom

Senator Juan Ponce Enrile acts as her counsel during the July 25 hearing. He said that the governor called him because she is concerned that she might be detained at the House. It was his pleasure to be of service to the people once again since he’s not doing anything right now. He asked Gov. Marcos if she ever has some apprehensions of her source’s story on the 100 M bribe and she said yes. So, the best way is to retract.

Ready for Detention

To anticipate the fact that she can be detained, Gov. Marcors had with her a small attache case with things that she needs especially her reading lamp. The media coverage of her possible detention room really took a toll on her. This is basically a threat if not torture against her liberty – on top of the Ilocos 6’s plight. Thus, the reason for the Writ of Amparo pending at the Supreme Court.

Not yet Off the Hook

The Congress clarified that the Ilocos Norte officials and Imee Marcos are not off the hook yet. However, no cases are filed yet against them. The next hearing is on August 9. Enrile assures Marcos that if she ever decides to attend, he will come along with her. Marcos is very thankful for this support of her father’s long-time right hand who was judged during the EDSA event.

Allegations were Answered

Enrile stressed that Marcos already answered the allegations. Rudy Farinas raised some valid points but they were addressed by the governor. Those answers were also the ones accepted by COA. So, if there’s anything wrong, it’s definitely not corruption. It can only be the process. Perhaps, some laws must be reviewed to be applicable to the current requirement of each locality’s constituents. This is where Marcos vowed to help.

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