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The Inquirer Confirmed that Macalintal Really Waited in Vain at Manila Cathedral for Bongbong Marcos

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It is not anymore a media speculation that Atty. Romulo Macalintal waited for Bongbong Marcos or his lawyer, Vic Rodriguez at the Manila Cathedral for the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement that Marcos should drop his electoral protest against Macalintal’s client, Vice President Leni Robredo if the content of the unused data cards is not fraudulent. The Inquirer has confirmed from Macalintal himself that he indeed waited for Bongbong Marcos.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Romulo Macalintal, lawyer of vice-presidential candidate Leni Robredo, says alleged fraud is hard to prove

No Response from the Camp of Bongbong Marcos

Macalintal’s challenge was obviously ignored by the camp of Bongbong Marcos. No lawyer in his right mind could be serious in giving such a challenge knowing the proper venue of the electoral protest. Certainly, not the church. Obviously, Bongbong Marcos is clever enough not to response on that. They eventually do not intend to show up if they ever heard of the challenge through a media stunt.

The Inquirer’s Confirmation

Macalintal is quoted by the Inquirer as saying; “This is the best way to prove who is telling the truth on these 13 SD cards to prevent the proliferation of false, misleading and self-serving claims, which are clearly aimed to condition the minds of the justices of the PET and the electorate as to the true merits of the election protest,” as published in their February 2, 2017 report as per the link below.

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Macalintal is not Fit for the Job

Macalintal already said that he would resign as Robredo’s legal counsel and surrender his license as a lawyer to the Supreme Court if the Marcos camp is able to prove that there was cheating during the elections. Having said that, he is clearly not into the due process of law that lawyers should be – but intends to win his case by throwing misinformation using the media to his opponent. He is not fit anymore for the job and needs immediate psychiatric help.

Marcos’ Absence not a Proof of Admission

Contrary to Macalintal’s declaration that Bongbong Marcos’ “absence … is a clear admission and proof that their claimed massive fraud on the 13 SD cards retrieved from unused VCMs was baseless, frivolous, self-serving and are merely intended as a media stunt,” it is not the Marcos camp that is into these misleading media stunts but the Robredo Camp and Macalintal is the main actor for the libelous campaign – putting his license into jeopardy. Nevertheless, he’s retiring so, perhaps a great way to earn more before retirement?