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Inquiry to Duterte: Why war on drugs prioritized and not poverty?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
John Unson of the Philippine Star wrote an inquiry – hoping that someday, President-elect Rodrigo Duterte would justify his immediate and tough campaign against prohibited drugs and why not address the massive problem of poverty first? He explained that while it is true that gruesome crimes have been committed by drug addicts, those incidents are nothing compared to crimes caused by the nationwide problem of proverty.

In a related story, it was stated that the industry of prohibited drugs has been surging high – to the verge of high profile drug lords financing political bets that can dangerously gain power to the favor of such illegal trade. As a hands-on mayor of Davao and who befriended selected group of rebels, Duterte should know that some communist groups in the country got their funds from hidden Marijuana plantations within the Philippine territory and not just from smuggled substances.

The problem of illegal drugs has been spread out targeting our youths – damaging them temporarily or permanently but the most pathetic incident was when 3 youths were killed after ingesting “fun” drugs with ingredients that are even not yet prohibited by local laws.Duterte’s being so focussed on targeting illegal drug syndicates can lead to his overlooking matters that must be prioritized – like public services to aid, the poorest of the poor dying in the streets or unsanitary dwellings everyday. Certainly, this is a valuable inquiry that this writer supports.


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