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International Beauty Pageant for Transvestites

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Many women can be insecured with transvestites as they are paraded through beauty contests. You can’t help wondering where the Adam’s apple had gone and that bulk between their two legs.


Looking at the parade of beauties for the transvestites’ beauty pageant during the upcoming contest in Thailand, nobody can guess that they are men. See how the Philippine contender matches up.

More than just Cross Dressers

Transvestites are gay people who are dressed like women. Most of them have resorted to cosmetics surgeries. Aside from face and body enhancements, some of them have gone through sex change operations.

Hereditary or Hormonal Treatment

Many transvestites are really feminine since birth. Others are self induced through hormonal treatments. Common knowledge includes intake of birth control pills to allegedly increase the female hormones in them. Cosmetics surgery is also patronized by the group.

Thailand is famous for Trans Beauties

Transgender beauties in Thailand are phenomenal. Most Thais stay slim because of spicy food and herbs that are metabolism enhancing ingredients. Their daily fruits and vegetable diet also helps in maintaining smooth complexion. They also belong to the yellow race with fair skin color. All are perfect combination for ideal physical traits of a beautiful woman in Asia. So, no sweat for the male to female conversion.

Philippines is not far Behind

The country is already known for the numerous beauty queens it produces. Discipline and hard work count in maintaining such physique for transvestites. Filipinos just love to eat even junk foods and can be too comfortable without physical activities. But there seems to be no problem in bringing home this kind of beauty title because of their utmost determination to win. Go ahead, make us proud!

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