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The International Community Never Understands Du30’s Drug War

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The international community particularly Amnesty International and detractors never understand President Du30’s drug war – and yet, they keep on talking about it in public. Murders committed by masked men are often blamed to the police. The over 7,000  war on drugs deaths reported by most media just did not tally with actual police records.

Youtube video from; FRANCE 24 English
[VIDEO]: Duterte’s bloody war on drugs resumes after brief break

EJK on Drug War According to the Media

When Du30 became president in July 2016, he launched a bloody war on drugs that has seen a total of 7,080 killings as of April 23 . This is allegedly a combination of deaths from police operations and vigilante-style or unexplained killings. The victims come mostly from the poor areas. Many were users or dealers of shabu, known as poor man’s cocaine. They, however, failed to investigate the actual killings – but the police retained that they are only triggered to kill to defend themselves during legitimate police operations.

Drug Abuse among the Rich

Rich drug pushers are the ones who sell only the top stuff. Cocaine induces a short-lived, intense high. Ecstasy causes a euphoric rush and affectionate behavior. These dealers sell these illegal drugs to their own community level. Students in private universities, young professionals with higher ages, 20- and 30-brats from rich families are the targets. They are difficult to find by the police because they have their own private gatherings.

Effect to the Rich

The president’s drug war, however, affected the lifestyle of the rich. A few dealers, according to Rappler did stop selling when the drug war started. Some Filipino-American dealers returned to the United States temporarily when the drug war was at its height. But the effect wore off soon enough. Most dealers just kept a low profile for a short time, then started selling again. But carefully this time.

War against the Poor?

Out of the 7,000 alleged drug war killings only not more than 1,000 are drug war-related, PNP Chief Ronald dela Rosa said. Killings among the marginalized poor communities were already rampant even before martial law. They were not just publicized. Also, when policemen arrest rich drug offenders, they normally surrender properly and let their lawyer handle the case. Unlike the poor that it is their mentality to either die or get arrested. These international bodies must study Filipino culture first before making false accusations.

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