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iPhone’s Settings Menu Options can let you hear Music Inflight

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Knowing how to structure your iPhone settings can give you the opportunity to enjoy its functionality to the fullest. Try scrolling down towards the bottom of the given Settings list, where you can see Twitter and Facebook settings, and some of the apps you’ve added specifically to the iPhone.

Using a cell phone on an airplane is a no-no. But there’s nothing verboten about using an iPod on a plane to listen to music, watch videos, and peek at pictures — at least, after the craft has reached cruising altitude. Learn more from the source; continued: So how do you take advantage of the iPhone’s built-in Music player (among other capabilities) while temporarily turning off its phone, e-mail, and Internet functions? The answer is, by turning on airplane mode. To do so, merely tap airplane mode on the Settings screen to display On (rather than Off). The good news is that airplane mode keeps your battery running longer — particularly useful if your flight is taking you halfway around the world.


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