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Japan now budgeting for unmanned surveillance drone to assert China

A Japan Self-Defense Forces soldier guards near a unit of PAC-3 missiles at the Defense Ministry in Tokyo

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Japan prototype drone fighter jet is now seeking for budget approval that is expected to be developed in two decades which technology is a joint venture with the private sector. Usability includes weapons communications and lasers as documented.

It is expected to be unveiled this month in conjunction with the Defense Ministry budget of 5.16 trillion yen ($51 billion) for fiscal 2017. This is their response to the intensified East China Sea conflict and North Korea’s missile advancement.

The budget might sound outrageous but Takashi Kawakami, a security expert at Takushoku University in Japan, vehemently said; “I personally think it’s not enough.” This is because upgrading the system using the latest technology and making it’s capability to double the missile system’s range to at least more than 30 km or 19 miles can cost a lot of money – just in the testing process.

A growing number of incidents with Chinese coast guard and from other vessels that sailed along or at close range from the disputed islets are recorded in the East China Sea – and they seem to be alarming. The three countries namely Japan, China and South Korea are scheduled to talk about their differences hoping to ease down the tension soon.


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