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The Jejomar Binay Tragedy Turns into Victory and Reveals his Paving the way for Bongbong Marcos

Jejomar Binay

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Jejomar Binay is the name hated by brainwashed people by the media propaganda painting him as the demonized presidential candidate in 2016. He is the subject of the Blue Ribbon Committee when the libelous Senator Antonio Trillanes IV displayed his wickedness in turning government records into scandalous lies. He intimidates the ones who testify for the truth and leading on the ones who are fellow liars.

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Election is Over and so is the Senate Drama against Jejomar Binay

Trillanes is quoted as saying that he has no regrets libeling Jejomar Binay – or else he is now the president given that he tops all presidential surveys before launching the media propaganda. The cases filed are frozen at the Ombudsman, the same as Binay’s bank accounts. The drama might be over but Trillanes stumbled upon a fiercer name, “Digong” – no other than the President of the Philippines.

The President’s Judgement

As a lawyer and a victim of Trillanes as well, the president let the due process take the course when it comes to the sins of the senator. The intimidation, baseless conclusions and hearsays during the Binay probe do not matter anymore. What can stand in any court are the official and the legitimate reports, records and documentation from COA and other government agencies involved. This is where three sets of editors repeatedly clarified that there are no anomalies in the five phases of the highly publicized Makati Building 2. Therefore, it cleared not only Junjun Binay but also Jejomar Binay who initiated the project.

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The Smart Ass is Outsmarted

Trillanes who is basically a smart ass cannot accept that the defeat of Binay is also his victory. Both the president and Binay shares the same ideology when it comes to serving the Filipino people. They have similar views that the only leader who has the capability to solve all the problems in the country in due time is Bongbong Marcos. In fact, they admit that they are too old for the job and Marcos is already ripe for the position. Therefore, the senate drama against Binay helped a fiercer enemy to win. Too bad for Trillanes’ party.

Attacking the President

Trillanes’ last resort is to attack the president. He finds some allies in the senate for sure. Perhaps the reason why the disciplinary action against him did not happen. However, he gains the reputation as a coward, the senator who masters the art of libel.

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