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Jennifer Yacenda: Visualization of Analytics Gives Digital Marketing Clarity

Jennifer Yacenda

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Digital marketing efforts can be measured by online analytics like Google analytics and visualization can give the clarity needed. So, it should be a regular practice to check the data as you go along and adjust efforts as dictated by the information given. This way, you can concentrate on the money making campaigns and not waste time on unnecessary and often costly strategies. Listen to the marketing coach but read Lea Pica’s insight first:

Lea pica wrote: Today’s submission comes courtesy of Jennifer Yacenda of Starwood, a stellar presenter and my valued coaching client. She sent in a doozy of a viz; a dual axis bar / line chart showing the revenue monthly trend, growth and projected targets for four digital marketing channels. Lo que es una fiesta! The goal of the viz was to examine monthly revenue for four marketing channels, and how that revenue’s growth stacked up against a flat projected target for the year.

She added: Unfortunately, it went a little overboard with clutter and for me, didn’t allow the insights to jump out like a leaping sockeye salmon during fall spawn. This episode shows you how I applied the PICA methodology to find the real story and create a viz that sends it home. The chart detox process involves removing many chart elements for simplicity and clarity. But what happens when you deleted an axis or title, and you want it back? Listen to the Podcast by clicking the link:


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