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Jesse Robredo’s Crime-fighting Style is Different from PDu30’s but He Admits that Whatever you do, Shits can Happen


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

As the former DILG secretary, the late Jesse Robredo maintains a clear 20-20 vision in his operations with the police department in maintaining peace and order in the country. He has an opposite crime-fighting style than that of PDu30 when both are still mayors. Robredo in Naga and the president in Davao. Sad to say, Robredo is quoted as saying that preparedness is always challenged like the hostage drama involving Hongkong tourists in Manila. All you could do is learn from the experience.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: “Hindsight is always 20-20” ika nga. Kaya para balikan ang mga kaganapan sa Manila Hostage Crisis, nakapanayam ni Jessica Soho si DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo

PDu30’s Achievement in Putting Calm in Once a Chaotic City

Former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s appointment of Du30 as judge, jury, and executioner is her giving him high regard for bringing relative calm to a once chaotic city. It acknowledges the role of local government to make the national government’s anti-crime campaign succeed. However, it also overshadows the anti-crime efforts of other communities like in Robredo’s Naga with efforts that are certainly diplomatic and not as fierce as Du30’s ways.

Diplomatic Jesse, Judgemental Leni

The late Jesse Robredo is hailed as a good public servant in Naga City. The local sentiments over there with his wife are not the same. Some might believe her but others condemn her for her loyalty to the Liberal Party. Bongbong Marcos – a namesake rival disputes her win. Her attacks against the president and Marcos show that she’s obsessed. She repeats the same accusations despite proofs of media propaganda. She herself rides on with it to discredit their political opponents. Clear signs of rebellion against the Du30 administration can be seen in her actions. Many Bicolanos can attest that she is very unlike her husband. Therefore, she does not have solid support from her own hometown.

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Democracy Entails People’s Choice

Jesse Robredo’s personality tells that if he is alive today, his wife can never be in the position that she is in now. In fact, she migt have won because of the drama over his death. The cheating incidents are yet to be proven as per the electoral protest filed by Bongbong Marcos. Jesse would remain diplomatic about the political clashes unlike Leni’s capitalizing on democracy when she embraces the communism style of the Liberal Party. If she is for democracy, she could already have not accepted her anomalous win as Vice President.

Shits can Happen

Collateral damage is not only evident in President Du30’s anti-illegal drugs war but also in the Manila hostage crisis with Hongkong tourist fatalities. That is such a big blow to Jesse Robredo as DILG Secretary. In any case, he knows the fact that collateral damage can happen in any police operation. He won’t go out protesting about Extra-Judicial Killings on the president’s campaign contrary to what his wife is doing.

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