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Jessica Soho Presses Bongbong Marcos on Family’s Political Agenda


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Elena Grace Flores

In this past interview of Bongbong Marcos, Jessica Soho tries to intimidate him by throwing repetitive questions. She presses for the political agenda of the family since three of them are in public office. As usual, he handles them with dignity even if he sometimes shows gestures of disbelief how pathetic the questions are. Bottom line is, he looks forward to revealing the truth about his father’s legacy. He claims that he knows his plans for the country.

YouTube Video by;  GMA News

[VIDEO]: On the new GMA News TV nightly newscast “State of the Nation,” anchor Jessica Soho interviews Former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on the legacy of and allegations against his father, the late strongman President Ferdinand Marcos when he was still a Senator.

Political Propaganda

The Marcoses’ reputation is painted worldwide in black. Bongbong Marcos said that these are the works of the propaganda against them. However, Soho disputes that thousands were victims of Martial Law, their bank accounts were frozen, and there were actual corruption cases filed. Marcos gave her an example that if a policeman got drunk and hurt others, she can’t blame it on his father. The frozen accounts are not even 1 to 10% of the publicized amounts. Acquittals are the only verdict in most cases. So, they are most likely propaganda for political purposes.

Staggering Amount of Money

Where is the money? Bongbong Marcos asked. Accusers only know how to throw a staggering amount of money propaganda but cannot prove it. He said that he has not seen such amounts of money that they own. Even the wealth for humanity is not for them to handle. They only have shipping documents of the gold bars.

Final Settlement

On paying a final settlement for Marcos when he was still a Senator, he firmly discloses that they respect the court’s decision. It has nothing to do with them anymore. Substantial amounts of their assets were already sequestered by the PCGG, so the negotiation is the discretion of the government.

Human Rights Violations

Soho said that the fact that the alleged human rights victims are paid a small amount of money, it is an admission of guilt. Marcos never denies that there were human rights abuses but they never were never ordered by his father. Marcos said that if his father was not ousted, the Philippines is another Singapore. This is contrary to Noynoy Aquino’s opinion that if the late Marcos did not step down, the country is another Libya.

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