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Jimmy Bondoc Reveals Source of the Oust Robredo Rally Funds

Jimmy Bondoc

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Jimmy Bondoc of the D.A.V.A.O. Movement discloses that the pro-Du30 group has divided opinions on what to do with Leni Robredo. To let her resign, impeach or urge her to change her attitude towards the government. He also reveals on what to do with the remaining 1.4 Million Pesos that they have collected from contributors if they do not have to stage any rally to respect the desire of the president to leave Robredo alone.

Youtube video from; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Jimmy Bondoc said that the President’s supporters are not unanimous on what to do with Robredo and discloses where the remaining 1.4 M Pesos rally budget can go.


Instead of bringing the majority of people to support the administration campaigns, the Palit Bise rally created confusions not just among the government’s detractors but also among the supporters. They have different opinions about Robredo, some are pro and others are anti-Bongbong Marcos. Their impeachment call even angered some Marcos loyalists who are calling to expedite the recount on his electoral protest against Robredo.

Both Respect their Mandate

Leni Robredo said that the pro-Du30 supporters must explain to the president himself why they are not obedient to his wishes. It is clear that both of them respect their mandate and shall work continuously without sparing time for things that can destruct them.

President is Clueless on Palit Bise Rally

The president seems clueless about the rally organized by his supporters and not even pleased with it. Bondoc also clarifies that their action is not the president’s order. In fact, they went ahead against his will. Mocha Uson also slows down in attacking Robredo after hearing PDu30’s comments.


The Palit Bise Rally costs the group 900,000 Pesos only. They have raised a lot more than that through their contribution website. They still have the remaining 1.4 Million Pesos that they can spend on community service to respect the plea of the president to let Robredo do her work.

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