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John Arcilla and many Duterte Voters: No clue about their idol’s Ties

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Patriotic as he may be, actor John Arcilla who played General Luna in conjunction with the Independence Day event has no clue about President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s principles and aspirations for the country, let alone ties and allies based on his comments during his interview with CNN.

Arcilla said that he likes Duterte and very excited what the incoming President would do for the country. He added; “I like him because he’s very different. He is conventional and unconventional at the same time”.However, he’s not sure about Mr. President’s consistency citing that Duterte had promised that he would not favor friends – then after winning, he is vocal about announcing his friendship with Bongbong Marcos and expressed his loyalty to him because he does not want to hurt him.

Wait a minute, perhaps Arcilla did not know that the family of Duterte eversince his late father’s time was and still is a Marcos loyalist and avid supporter? Better get the record straight! Do you ever check the background of your president before voting? If Pnoy vowed to destroy Marcos, Duterte is doing the other way around. In fact, he is willing to give the presidency to Marcos if he fail to fulfill his promises.