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Jojo Binay: Advisor to Mayor, Senator and President?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Many are asking as to what’s next for outgoing Vice President Jejomar Binay after losing the Presidential election last May 9, 2016 – aside from advocating that Bongbong Marcos should pursue in finding the truth about the alleged fraud committed by the Liberal Party that made him lose over newbie Leni Robredo for the Vice Presidential post as supported by Pastor Boy Saycon in gathering physical evidences, he should surely be an advisor.

His daughter Nancy Binay has 3 more years in the senate whereas another daughter won the mayoralty of Makati that brought back Makati as a Binay territory. So, just as the father of these dashing women in power, Jojo Binay as he is fondly called would be the best adviser for the two – given his decades of experience in public service and in politics in general.

However, we also got this exciting information from Binay Brigade that shows the open-mindedness of our President-elect Rodrigo Duterte – who would not care what other people might say as he stands on his principles. He was referred to by his statement that; If there is a need, “he will not hesitate to seek the advise of Jojo Binay” – perhaps not just as a friend or as a political ally for the good of the country but most of all, as a veteran politician that puts the welfare of others first despite the media propaganda attacks on him.

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