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June Dershewitz – Analytics Analogies perfect for Complex Concepts

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
June Dershewitz, Director of Digital Analytics at Apollo Education Group, oversees the digital analytics platform from there for the entire customer lifecycle. Apollo is the parent company of University of Phoenix. She used to be a member of the leadership team at the Semphonic, an analytics consultancy which is well known and now a part of Ernst & Young. June created Expansive thought leadership in Analytics in her long-standing advocacy in the analytics community, She is still a board member in the Digital Analytics Association, and has been a prominent speaker in eMetrics, Analytics, Demystified plus many other groups.

She is co-founder for global industry meetup Web Analytics Wednesdays with 10,000+ participants. And in this episode, she offers her very best strategies for breaking down complex concepts for lay audiences, using analogies for making analytical concepts more approachable, and delivering outstanding conference presentations as well. Listen to the full podcast by Lea Pica here:

Lea Pica continued: Walk away from the screen! Connect and get clarity with your message by separating yourself from PowerPoint as a crutch. Don’t get caught up with the visual design aspect and lose the bigger message you’re trying to convey.


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