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Junjun Binay pleaded not guilty after undergoing conditional arraignment

Junjun Binay

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Former Makati mayor Junjun Binay has pleaded ‘Not Guilty’ after availing conditional arraignment for him to travel to America in for the medical treatment of his child with ‘congenital heart disease’.

Binay attended the hearing personally together with his lawyer in the Third Division of Sandiganbayan where he’s facing 6 counts of graft and corruption and 4 counts of malversation of public funds where his father Vice President Jejomar Binay is also a co-accused together with other officers from the Makati City government.

The conditional arraignment of an accused is done when there is a motion to tra­vel in the anti-graft court for as long as there’s no verdict yet. Travelling for medical reasons especially for a direct family member is a valid excuse that must be granted immediately as a human right.


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