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Kinsa si Lini?: Mis Occ surprised they voted for Robredo

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Oroquieta is the capital of the province of Misamis Occidental, Philippines. In its history, the charter was converted into a City after President Ferdinand Marcos signed the conversion on June 25, 1969. They have known the Marcoses eversince and were very grateful with their infrastructure projects and Imelda Marcos’ educational and farming support not only in the city but also in the rest of the Municipality of Misamis Occidental.

As a Binay-Marcos campaigner in many parts of Misamis Occidental namely; Oroquieta, Bato, Plaridel, Sapang Dalaga, Calamba and many more, it’s a common phrase you hear from people; kinsa tuod na si Lini Rubrido? or who again is Leni robredo? So, it’s unacceptable for the people there hearing the news that majority of them voted for Robredo.

So, me Elena Grace Giangan Flores who’s paternal origin came from Misamis Occidental swear over the grave of my grandfather who was a loyal Marcos supporter until death that I am vouching for the authenticity of this report from Manila Times:



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