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Know How to Avoid Common iPhone Problems

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
iCloud syncing is crucial to keep your data intact despite losing or destroying your iPhone. It is important however to keep the iOS and the iPhone apps updated at all times. Should this problem bothers you, just tap Settings→General→Software Update to be sure your iOS is currently updated. Watch out for the badge appearing on the App Store icon – it means that the Automatic Downloads option is not turned on for the Apps. Go again to Settings→iTunes & App Store and make sure to tap Apps to turn them On positioning under Automatic Downloads. Another thing, the SIM card is should be properly installed (if the iPhone uses just one). Be cautious also that dropping your iPhone, can slightly dislodged the SIM card. If it happens, just insert the end of a paper clip into the hole of the SIM tray to be able to open the tray. Remove the SIM card and carefully re-insert it, then push the tray gently to close.

Here are a few other things to consider if you have a problem:
The headset is plugged in but you can’t hear anything. Make sure the headset is plugged in all the way — it makes a little “click” when it is. It may not be compatible with the cover or bumper (those colored frames that go around iPhone’s outer edge) you use; that is, the cover keeps the plug from going all the way into the hole. Although 1/8-inch plugs work most of the time, the specifications call for a 3.5 mm plug. Make sure the jack is clean. If you use your iPhone in a dusty workshop or in the yard, or eat toast while texting, crumbs and particles can build up and block the audio jack. Ever-so-gently tap your iPhone on a not-too-hard surface (a placemat on a table, for example, or a mousepad) or use a hand pump with the nozzle for inflating a basketball to blow into the jack. The wordsNo Serviceappear where your carrier’s name usually appears. First, make sure you aren’t in Airplane Mode. Try moving closer to a window or going outside. Then, try turning 3G/4G on or off. Try turning Airplane Mode On and then Off. Try turning your iPhone off and on again. Lastly, go to Settings→General→Reset and tap Reset Network Settings. If you have a weak signal, turning 3G/4G on can bring a stronger signal. If you’re in a crowded area with lots of other cell phone users, turning 3G/4G on gives you access to a larger network. You can check the process with direct source also or continue reading: continued: You don’t have Internet access. Assuming you have data service as part of your cellular contract, make sure you have a cellular data signal or are in a Wi-Fi zone. You see the icons in the status bar. Without one of these options, you can’t get online. Try these tactics to solve the problem: Disconnect and reconnect to the network. Drag up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center. Tap Wi-Fi Off, wait a minute, and then tap Wi-Fi On. Try forgetting the network and joining again. Tap Settings→Wi-Fi, and then tap the name of the network. Tap Forget This Network and then sign in again. Try renewing the Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) lease, which is the access point that allows your iPhone to access a Wi-Fi network. Tap Settings→Wi-Fi. Tap the Info (i) button to the right of the connected Wi-Fi network, and then tap the DHCP tab. Scroll down the screen and tap the Renew Lease link.


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