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Kris Aquino to Duterte after Marcos Events: One day, hope you’ll love me too like Bongbong?

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Kris Aquino says it without malice for unity’s sake. Referring to the SC Marcos burial decision in the past week, Aquino commented humorously after President Rodrigo Duterte failed to show up during the “Go Negosyo” event. She was about to interview him but due to sickness, he was not able to do so. She says very nicely; President Duterte, please give me a chance. Hope that one day, you will love me too. It is very possible that she is aware of Duterte’s special treatments to Bongbong Marcos – which is the prerogative of the president and nothing is wrong about that.

Youtube video by; GMA News (From 24 Oras)

[VIDEO]: Kris Aquino hopes that one day, Pres. Duterte will love her too – after he missed the interview with her (GMA News Extract).

Bashing of Kris Aquino Does not Help in Marcos’ Unity Goal

Even Bongbong Marcos would not agree that her fellow “godparent” of a common friend’s child will be treated below the belt via social media. Real supporters of Duterte and Bongbong Marcos are also for unity just like their supported politician. A good follower would always try to follow the guidelines of their leaders, even if it is difficult.

The Aquinos are in Good Terms with the Marcoses in Private Life

The real truth is, the Aquinos are in speaking terms with the Marcoses in private life. We all know that Bongbong Marcos is married to an Araneta who is a close relative of Mar Roxas. So, it cannot be avoided that the Aquinos and the Marcoses are brushing shoulders from time to time. The media just don’t have access in those private events that’s why we don’t know about them.

Filipinos who are not for Unity are Hopeless

The country cannot stand alone with solely pro-Marcos or pro-Duterte only. A successful leader is the one who can put everyone from the different factions together as one nation. This is not evident in some of their supporters via social media. Not only they fail to grant the wishes of their leaders, but also gave them a bad name.

Kris Aquino is Vital in the Aquino-Marcos Unity

For what it’s worth, Kris Aquino mean no harm. As a TV host, she has to be diplomatic, humorous and nice every time she faces the camera. She confirmed that she was in a diet for two weeks prior to the interview just to prepare for Duterte. Isn’t this being humble enough to go as far as starving yourself to look good in the eyes of the president? Whoever is bashing her is a culprit against a united Philippines and must not be tolerated!

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