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Laugh your Head Off: Listen to Bongbong Marcos’ Replies to Mean Comments along with other Stars

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Former Miss Universe, Gloria Diaz Diaz and Bongbong Marcos read and respond to online tweets and posts about them, which were compiled by actress-host Isabelle Daza for her “Haters Gonna Hate” episode 6 show. Marcos id Daza’s godfather and Dias is her beautiful mother to those who do not know it yet. Other stars like BJ Pascual and Raymond Gutierrez are also featured in the video.

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[VIDEO]: Gloria Diaz, Bongbong Marcos, Raymond Gutierrez & Bj Pascual Sinagot ang mga Haters!

Secret Ambition

One basher commented; Nobody told me that Bongbong Marcos was in the Hangover! He replied by smiling admitting that he has a secret career. He said he’s a movie star. It is also his long-time ambition. Then asked. Does the actor in the Hangover really look like me? He laughs at the thought of it.

Botox Rumor

The hater also said that there’s only one facial expression of Bongbong Marcos that can be seen in all his pictures. Perhaps, he has a lot of Botox? Marcos exclaimed; with the grace of the Lord, he does not need to have a Botox yet. He just follows the traditional official picture and says sorry for it. He will make the necessary changes.


Where are Bongbong Marcos’ Eyebrows?

Another mean comment states; Where are Bongbong Marcos’ eyebrows? He replies that maybe when he fall asleep, his dog happened to lick them that’s why they disappeared. He did not fail to flash a fun smile.


Why do you always look like you’re constipated?; asks the basher. After laughing his head off, he explains that whenever he’s interviewed and he did not like the question, he seems to look like it but luckily he’s not at all constipated! It went on saying that his eyebags are bigger than his eyes. Can he still see? He agrees that he really have some scary shots but not to worry, he can still see people!

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