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Lea Pica: “One Idea Per Slide” philosophy: Break Bullet Points Pattern

Lea Pica

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Preparing slides for presentations can be so exhausting when you have to put all the bullet points that come with it. For sure it can guide you on what to say next – but you will end up relying on that. You should be the driver of your presentation and not the other way around – or else, you cannot present anymore without your props. Hear it from Lea Pica:

Lea Pica wrote: After delivering my signature presentation myth-busting conference talk, “Get Their Attention”, I expose my audience to the “One Idea Per Slide” philosophy. This approach is used by renowned presentation experts such as Garr Reynolds, Nancy Duarte and Guy Kawasaki. The purpose of this is to break the common pattern of slides packed with bullet points.

She added: I can’t send out a 120-slide deck with one word per slide as a presentation handout for the people who weren’t there…”
And they’re right. I understand the pain and suffering behind this question all too well. And this question represents a key link in the chain of presentation abuse I’ve observed working in corporate organizations for over ten years.


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