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Leni Robredo Agrees with the President that Impeachments are too Early

Leni Robredo

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Leni Robredo said in a radio interview it is too early for both her and the president to face impeachments. They have not completed their one year in office yet. It is not only unfair to them but chaotic for the country to go through another political process after a bitterly fought election. Two groups already file impeachment cases against Robredo for publicly criticizing the administration’s drug war. A separate case was filed against the President over deaths linked to the campaign which is proven false by CHR recently.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Leni Robredo shared the stance of the President that it is too early in their terms to be facing impeachment complaints.

Impeachment is Unfair to Both

Robredo said that she shares the President’s view. It’s indeed too early but PDu30 cannot stop solons who want her impeached. It is their right to file such cases. We have just come from a political exercise, then we are moving to another political exercise which is not only unfair to both but to the nation as well, she said.

Past Impeachments Divide the Nation

Past impeachment processes divided the nation, Robredo said. It can get too divisive. It can polarize supporters. At the end of the day, the country, she added. The last impeachment trial was in 2012 with the conviction of then Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona who already dies. He was accused of understating his wealth on his incomplete SALN which many politicians did at that time. He was singled-out. Many hated Pnoy after his death.


Robredo: Not Wrong to Speak Dissent

As a long-time human rights lawyer before running for public office Robredo noted the impeachment against her seems to be an attack on the freedom to dissent.  “There is nothing wrong with speaking dissent, she claims. It is our right, sometimes our burden,” she admits.

Better to Watch How Impeachments Progress

The questionable Vice president has yet to receive copies of the impeachments filed against her. So, she cannot really go down into the details of the complaints. These manifested after her video to the UN side event in Vienna. Pro-administration lawmakers are confident that they have the number to finally impeach her but must wait until the congress resumes in May.

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