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Leni Robredo is Going Broke but the Election Protest of Bongbong Marcos is Just about to Start


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Vice President in question has guessed her plight that she will be buried in debts due to Bongbong Marcos’ election protest against her. in fact, according to her newly released SALN, she’s getting broke. The unfortunate thing for her is, the preliminary conference for the protest is just set in motion on June 21. What could this mean for her?

Youtube video from; GMA News
[VIDEO]: NTG: Net worth ni VP Robredo bumaba ng mahigit P2M, ayon sa SALN

Election Protest Update

Robredo’s legal counsel discloses that a portion of the money for the P8 million initial deposit required by the Supreme court came from her personal funds. The rest of the fee was loaned from the relatives of her late husband Sec. Jesse Robredo. They are Vicente Hao Chin, Pablito Chua, and Rafael Bundoc.

Less Cash on Hand

The VP declared less cash on hand or in her bank accounts. In her SALN last June 30, she reported to possess ₱11,115,138 in cash, but in her SALN from December 2016, only ₱8,940,111 is left. Around ₱2.18-million decrease in her total assets is recorded. As the Liberal Party bet, her teammates would for sure come to her aid to ultimately block the return of a Marcos to the executive office.

Lack of Charisma

The second leader might be the highest elected  Liberal Party member but history seems to repeat itself. She can be compared to Mar Roxas, the party’s bet for president in 2016 who lacks charisma. He’s being outsmarted by the popular then mayor of Davao, Du30. In the current situation, Bongbong Marcos is far more charismatic than Robredo. This is probably why the pro-LB media are now working full time to discredit the Marcos regime once more.

Bad Situation

It is obvious that it is not looking good for Robredo these days. Every time she attempts to boost her popularity, it immediately pulls her down instead. Her new weekly radio show just made her look like too desperate in promoting herself. LP knows very well that without charisma, they can never get public sympathy. The question is, will they pour in more money for her to surpass Marcos’ challenge once more?

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