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Leni Robredo could last as VP if humble & Patient like Binay

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Our present government system unfortunately allows the Vice President to be dormant if the President thinks that he or she will be a hindrance to his plans. This happens when both positiona are from the opposing sides of political parties – such as the case with outgoing President Noynoy Aquino and outgoing Vice President Jojo Binay.

It will take a lot of humility and patience to be dealing with a president who will always have reservations as to what your interests are. VP Binay really did a good job on that – despite dealing with a very extreme-natured president who showed people to be asking his insights but went with the totally different ways. Istead of fighting his way through, he focussed his time into public service in any agencies, localities or cities he had access with given his long tenure in the political arena. It’s only when he was preparing to run as President that he resigned from Pnoy’s cabinet – and exposed all the shortcomings of the administration.

Now that it’s the turn of Leni Robredo to deal with the reality that she can be in a very tough position having allied with the Liberal Party that is Duterte’s main political enemy, she needs to be stronger than ever. It is not easy at all to remain professionally inclined same as that of Binay while still under the umbrella of the administration with the fullest humility to wait for the blessing of the higher up first before resorting to other strategies. At the same time, she will also be in the process of sorting out clues as to personal griefs such as husband’s death were naturally caused or man-made that were plotted by self-centered and power-hungry individuals who will do everything using the most evil solutions just to get ahead. Not to mention bearing family’s grief on social media bullying accusing her of cheating her way up.

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