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Leni Robredo Now Open to Recount and Comelec Stripping as per Manifestation


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

One comment on the online article of Abante says that when many people doubted one’s victory, he or she would soon start to doubt his or her triumph. Can this happen to Leni Robredo? The news in Pilipino claimed that Robredo’s camp recently issued a manifestation that she is not against the recount – as well as the Comelec machine stripping in the Consolidated Canvassing System.

Youtube video from; Eagle News
[VIDEO]: (Eagle News) — Pinayagan na ng Korte Suprema ang pagsasagawa ng stripping activities sa lahat ng mga vote counting machine (VCM) na sakop ng election protest ni dating Senador Bongbong Marcos laban kay Vice President Leni Robredo.


Atty. Romulo Macalintal and Atty. Maria Bernadette Sardillo insists that they are for the stripping activation in the Consolidated Canvassing System or CCS. This is so because Robredo allegedly seeks to preserve the integrity of the CCS laptops – if only to erase any doubts as to the legitimacy of her victory over the protestant, Bongbong Marcos, said the two lawyers.

CCS Content

The CCS contains the certificate of canvass, statistical report, audit log and statement of votes for each voting precinct that needs a backup because the certificate in the CCS USB token already expired last December 2016.

Comelec’s Notification

Macalintal explained that last March 31 the Comelec notified them that they are about to undertake the said stripping as ordered by the Supreme Court. This is the reason why they submitted the manifestation saying that Robredo will not oppose it. They did not elaborate, however, why it’s only now that they answered when the SC’s approval was issued last January yet.

Better Late than Never

Wether Robredo’s camp would like it or not, Bongbong Marcos seems to be ready to take on a cabinet post despite the reluctance of the president in front of the media. Nowadays, people should know the Filipino leader already. He normally confirms something only when it’s right in front of everybody’s face – then the detractors won’t have time to go against any action relevant to nation building.

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