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Leni Robredo Refuses to Apologize for Bad-Mouthing the Administration at the UN

Leni Robredo

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Since the electoral protest of Bongbong Marcos against Leni Robredo is still ongoing, it is just proper not to address her as VP. Her recent actions accusing the administration of unfounded crimes against humanity have made many Filipinos hate her guts. In fact, the president is right in his observation that she is in a hurry or even desperate enough to be president. Her spokesperson denies this saying that they are only in a hurry to finish their anti-poverty campaigns. However, her videos on youtube say it all.

Youtube video by; Ph News Review
[VIDEO]: Duterte: Si Leni apurado masyado maging President

Call for Apology

An apology is needed. This is the call of the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption led by founding chairman Dante Jimenez. They flash their thumbs-down sign on Maria Leonor or Leni Robredo. Her attitude is really getting on the nerves of many. She is somebody who does not deserve the respect of Filipinos as the second highest leader.

The President’s Enemies

The President now regards Leni Robredo as one of his enemies. She’s in a hurry to become president, he said. He also lashed out at Robredo’s allies including two of his fiercest critics. Senators Leila de Lima, the former Justice secretary who is in now jail on drug charges, and Antonio Trillanes !V, the barking dog. People have seen their behavior.  De Lima is not a political prisoner. The president says that he never jail the opposition. It is a pity that the ex-DOJ Secretary who was trafficking drugs gets the sympathy of some international communities.


Speech in Myanmar

In front of the Filipino Community in Myanmar, the president stresses that the drug problem threatens national security. Du30 reiterates that both dealers and users must be “destroyed”. But he clarifies that not every death should be attributed to his drug war. Many have been killed, he admits. But he is not accountable for all the deaths including the alleged whole family whose demise is also blamed unto him.

In Denial

Robredo’s camp said she is ready to face the impeachment process and that she has nothing to apologize for. She claims that what she discloses is the truth about administration’s bloody anti-drug war. Georgina Hernandez, her spokeswoman denounces this with regards to the call of the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption or VACC that Robredo should apologize for her UN video message.

‘Robredo in a hurry to become president’

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