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Liberal Party Haunted by the Late Marcos through President Du30’s Martial Law

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Liberal Party’s fear of the late Ferdinand E. Marcos goes beyond Martial Law. They are resistant of his namesake’s return to politics. Bongbong Marcos is always mentioned by President Du30 as his chose successor. The political enemies are doing everything they can to stop that. May it be from using a political prostitute to the worst kind of black media propaganda against the president and the Marcoses.

Youtube video from; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Nilinaw ng AFP ang naging pahayag ni Pangulong Du30 na magiging kagaya ng martial law ng dating pangulong Marcos sakaling kailangan niyang magdeklara muli ng martial law. Ito ay kung magdesisyon ang Korte Suprema na ibasura ang ipinapatupad na batas militar sa Mindanao.

Proud to be Marcosian

Du30 displays the notion of a strong leader. He begins with his own interpretation of Ferdinand Marcos. He jokes on how much he owed his election success to the Marcos family. That he would reciprocate by giving the late Marcos a Heroe’s at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. This was simply done swiftly even with the blessing of the Supreme Court.

Bongbong Marcos’ Influence

The returns of the President’s friendship with the Marcoses are not hidden. Bongbong Marcos’ influence over national politics is very much pronounced. It is evident that the President listens to him. He also helped to confirm the truth about the “golden era” of martial law. Coupled with the social interactions of the golden-agers especially on Facebook, the LP is already worried that their past fake news about Marcos will soon be buried with real testimonies from the people.

Media Portray of Du30’s Martial Law

Media portrays the president as a strongman and disciplinarian yet also a constitutionalist. He is allegedly the 21st-century version of Ferdinand Marcos. No post-authoritarian president has publicly mused about the declaration of martial law as much as Du30, they added. However, no matter how they misinform the public about the wrong figures of the drug war casualties, he remains popular. People trust his every move – that includes making the Marcos namesake his successor or perhaps, the Prime Minister under Federalism.

Up for the Challenge

“What-goes-around-comes-around.” 83% of Filipinos believe that Du30 is up to the challenge. Despite the continued suspicions about his allegedly deteriorating health, he stays humorous when he appears in public again. When the Maute gang seized Marawi, he has the reason to declare martial law. His political enemies now await other terrorist attacks to make that declaration nationwide. As the saying goes, they can run but they cannot hide.

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