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Are Liberal Party Members Haunted by the Late President Marcos’ Ghost with Martial Law?

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The president swears that his martial law is more or less the same as Marcos’ martial law. He is definitely not offering a compromise to out-laws. However, what are his detractors afraid of? Are they haunted by the late president’s ghost? Liberal party members are very alarmed with Du30’s actions despite the restrictions in the constitution.

Youtube video from; euronews (in English)
[VIDEO]: The president of the Philippines warns that he will deal harshly with militants after martial law was declared on the southern Mindanao.

Fears are Baseless

Du30’s significant obstacle to following Marcos’ footsteps is the 1987 Philippine Constitution. It places restrictions on the imposition and conduct of martial law. Congress can revoke the martial law proclamation by majority vote. The Supreme Court can rule on the factual basis for its declaration.


The Martial law can’t be used to suspend the constitution. The courts or the legislature, and military courts can’t try civilians if the civil courts function. Anyone arrest must is subject to the charge by a judge within three days or released. This is designed to prevent human rights abuses and prolonged misuse of power.

What’s the Fear for?

If the Constitution already protects the people from the alleged abuses in the past, why are Liberal Party members so afraid of a possible repeat of the allegations against the late Marcos? Are they insinuating that they do not know the revision at all especially the Supreme Court Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno?

Bongbong Marcos Shines

With the reactions of the anti-administration politicians, Bongnong Marcos shines. It is obvious that the anti-Marcos people would criticize anything about him to discredit the namesake even if it shows that they are ignorant of the law. Perhaps, a very good opportunity for the younger Marcos to show his expertise in the issue.

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