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Liberal’s Prompt SOCE could lead to Tax Payers’ Money

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Liberal Party’s desperate moves to block Duterte and Marcos from winning the Presidential and Vice Presidential races could lead them into resorting to using illegal financial backups to fund their alleged massive activities in manipulating votes – on top of their erroneous political campaigns. Although it failed with Duterte, it has become too obvious with Leni Robredo – just thinking about why this average living woman can instantly become the highest spender when it comes to her campaign expenses for the V.P. post.

In her SOCE, aside from the highly publicized 30 Miliion contribution of the Presidential sister, Kris Aquino, Lisa Gokongwei was listed to contribute 200 Million worth of cold cash. As someone who used to worked with Cebuano press people in the past, I have known enough about the media mogul, Lisa Gokongwei. As humble as she is coming from a prominent family name, she has earned what she has now by really rising from the ranks – perhaps to prove herself and her independence. She’s notable in giving away advertising sponsorships to causes she believes in – and donating 200 million worth of ad receipts in her publications would be a bit believable but in cash, that’s something to think about.

Roberto Tiglao of The Manila Times, really described a more believable scenario – that the possible reason why the Liberal Party failed to submit their SOCE (despite their being so powerful) allegedly is because they cannot get more businessmen to own the expenses as contributions. It can easily cross the minds of the thinking Filipinos that people from the administration with Pnoy’s approval sad to say already spent this huge chunk of taxpayer’s money into their election campaigns.


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