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Lies of Trillanes Not Working Anymore so he Accuses Andanar and Aguirre for Spreading Them


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV of all people files a resolution to investigate “misleading” information allegedly orchestrated by government officials. He deliberately cited the supposed wrong information announced by Communication Secretary Martin Andanar and Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II. In this desperate bid, the President urges the public to ignore him which is a more sensible approach that Trillanes’ accusations.

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[VIDEO]: Malacanang will no longer dignify Senator Antonio Trillanes’ corruption allegations against President Rodrigo Duterte, as the country’s commander-in-chief already spoke up on the matter.

Senate Resolution No. 315

In Senate Resolution No. 315, Trillanes expresses his opinion that it is the responsibility of Congress to ensure that government officials won’t abuse their access by spreading lies. The proposed Senate investigation, he added, makes sure that such propaganda measures are discontinued. The public knows for sure that if there’s anyone guilty of spreading lies, it’s Trillanes himself being free from jail only because of libel against the former Vice President Binay.


Trillanes said that Andanar’s claim that reporters who cover the press conference of retired Davao cop Arturo “Arthur” Lascañas are offered $1,000. Andanar refuses to apologize after the Senate media challenged him to do so if he can’t prove his claim. Trillanes also points to the Aguirre’s statement that an inmate links him to the stabbing incident of New Bilibid Prisons inmate Jaybee Sebastian. He also added that the president wants him dead.

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Insignificant Senator

The senator is a notorious critic of the president being an ally of the former president Noynoy Aquino of the Liberal Party who gave him pardon from his rebellion case. Ex-Pnoy sets him free from his sentence in jail. Trillanes cannot even prove that the president has P2 billion in his bank accounts. But he revives the issue to discredit him. Too bad for him, the people did not buy it.

Why is Trillanes still Around?

The libelous senator might be a bit quiet nowadays but he is still using his power to spread propaganda against the administration. He for sure lost his credibility already but the people are wondering why the senate tolerates him. If the president is really a dictator and murderer, then why is Trillanes still loitering around?

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