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Local Crimes Prosecuted by the ICC – More Powerful than Presidents


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Some Filipinos are unaware of the International Laws that rule the Philippines – that’s why they say, why they interfere when Duterte’s drug on war is within the country only? This should enlighten those who wants to know the real score.

[VIDEO]: Here are the scenarios of prosecutions done by the International Criminal Court in different countries.

President cannot hide from ICC

President Rodrigo Duterte cannot hide behind presidential immunity if the International Criminal Court (ICC) files a case against him for the alleged extrajudicial killings under his administration.

ICC’s Jurisdiction

“The ICC can always assume jurisdiction if they find enough sufficient basis to do so,” De Lima said at a forum on extrajudicial killings and human rights at Miriam College. I do believe that many of those (alleged extrajudicial killings) are still really police or agents of the police, so it’s systematic, it’s State-inspired, if not State-sponsored. If that is proven, presidential immunity does not apply; she added.

Submission to any Investigating Body is Welcome

The Philippines is a State party to the ICC and the court has jurisdiction over genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said the President is willing to submit himself for an investigation before any body.

The Palace should Understand Seriousness of ICC Warning

We’ve seen those ICC involvement in other countries in war crimes, crime against humanity and many more. They are stronger than any national leader – presidents or prime ministers. Once evidences are gathered, the accused will not have the chance to question them. It’s either surrender through diplomatic means or stage an international war!

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