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Logical Views on the Attacks Against Bongbong Marcos Using Martial Law

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Elena Grace Flores

Just like the plight of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, President Du30 and preferred heir to the presidency Bongbong Marcos are the targets of the continues media propaganda here and overseas using the alleged Martial Law human rights violations. In terms of corruption, one can simply ask the accuser, who is not corrupt with the kind of government system the Philippines has? Some big investors might attest that to be able to get a contract from the government, they must give a percentage under the table. Is this not the case in most Asian countries as part of the business culture? What they failed to check is how the “donation” is processed or used. Some call it the Robin Hood strategy.

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Transparency in a Corrupt System

Is it hard for Westerners or to some biased Filipinos to analyze why the negotiators of leaders like the late Marcos or even the former Vice President Jejomar Binay needs a foundation to take care of their people? There are cases that their representative negotiates a certain percentage that would go to their supported projects. Why can’t they be transparent? Once a business or property tax is determined, it goes to the government coffers. From the BIR department alone, some anomalies can already be undertaken. Let alone in the local distribution channels that pass the governors, mayors, and barangay captains. When the funds reach the people, they are not sufficient anymore to fund quality projects. This is merely a strategy for the people.

Ultimate Proofs amidst Martial Law Criticisms

Just look at the situations of these leaders’ constituents compared to others who are just noisy of accusing their political colleagues of corruption. No president can ever beat what the late President Marcos provided for the people during his time that is still useful presently. This is in terms of infrastructure and government services. Look at also the Binays in Makati. Their constituents are the so-called privileged Filipinos. Ilocos Norte under Bongbong Marcos and sister Imee Marcos is very progressive. They have advanced technology, good harvests, and flourishing tourism programs.

Brainwashed by Media Propaganda

People who are against the Marcoses are mostly the relatives of unlawful people during the Martial Law era under the late Ferdinand Marcos. They are the same people who are attacking the current President. The law is simple. If you are a law-abiding citizen, you live well. If you are an unruly activist or a criminal, you have to face punishments or unfavorable circumstances. However, media propaganda is a major influencer but once people seek for the truth, they can easily find the logic of things in this regard.

The Best President Ever

Biyaya ng Dagat or the so-called Blue Revolution is a program under the Marcos administration. The country’s fishery resources are improved. Fishermen get loans to improve their fishing capabilities. Masagana 99 meanwhile, is the agricultural counterpart of the Biyaya ng Dagat. It was popularly known as the Green Revolution. It was a program that promotes the planting of Green Revolution varieties of rice developed by the International Rice Research Institute. The program enables the Philippines to become self-sufficient in rice and even became a rice exporting country from 1977 to 1978, said the President.