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Lopez’s DENR Appointment is referred to as Regulatory Capture or Corruption in Familiar Term

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Tiglao’ commentary on Manila Times can divide the Filipino people into two groups – one group would be the avid supporters who will just swallow what the president says and the other group will be the thinking Filipinos. Since Lopez’s personal business interests are more or less connected to DENR’s nature of operations, he compared the appointment with “regulatory capture” that meant “corruption” in more common term.

He added that “regulary capture’s” description is very common situation in the country where regulatory agencies are “captured” by business entities and individuals to expound their own interests. This can go to the extent of bending the laws the bodies are supposed to strictly impose. The writer was afraid that Gina Lopez would try to corrupt the regulations of DENR just to accommodate her own interests.

He claimed that his write up on Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. or PLDT explained why the deal was somewhat “corrupt” partly because of its violation of the Constitution’s 40 percent limit on foreign ownership in a public utility firm is the definitive example of regulatory capture.


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