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LP is Desperate to Impeach the President: From Trillanes’ Bluffs to Davao Death Squad

Davao death squad

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

What does the president get for being a supporter of Bongbong Marcos? Character assassination like ex-VP Jejomar Binay through Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and just recently, ground for impeachment over the old Davao death squad case. These are all subject for investigations but it can be felt by the people that the anti-administration players are working double time just to cripple the president thereby stopping him to install Marcos to power.

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[VIDEO]: President Rodrigo Duterte says Senator Antonio Trillanes is a coward and a crook for accusing him of corruption. He says he’ll resign if Trillanes can prove he has billions in bank accounts.

Ready to Resign

The president said that if Senator Antonio Trillanes IV can prove in court his accusations about the president’s bank accounts with billions of pesos, the President will resign immediately. The senator has to prove that he amassed P2 billion illegally or if his bank account has a total deposit at one time of even just half a billion pesos, he will leave his post. He also advises the senator to go to court and file the proper case against him – not just talk.

Trillanes has Nothing to Lose

However, the president has accusations to make as well against Trillanes. He claims that the noisy senator profits from hiring many consultants. Trillanes allegedly uses his office to ask for retainers fee and that this has become a lucrative business for him, the president discloses. Making such accusations against him is easy for Trillanes because he has nothing to lose. This is now his last term as senator.

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Davao Death Squad Confession

Retired SPO3 Arthur Lascañas reverses his earlier testimony that there’s no such thing as the so-called Davao Death Squad or DDS. Lascañas now publicly confesses and implicates the president to several incidents or murder, contract killings and assassinations when he was still mayor of Davao City. Trillanes cannot hide his joy on SPO3 Lascañas’ revelations but Senator Ping Lacson said that so far, all confessions are still hearsays.

The Hearsays Puzzle People’s Minds

Both the unproven bank accounts and the Davao death squad hearsays can already poison the minds of the people. The dramas behind the testimonies true or not can also influence the public perception towards the president. This is an old trick of the Liberal Party. It is, however, very obvious that the LP  is determined to get rid of the president to gain back their leadership in the country through Vice President Leni Robredo – and finally, block Bongbong Marcos from power.

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