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LP Members are the Masterminds of Black Media Propaganda, Not the Marcoses


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Judge Bonifacio Pascua’s denial of a $2 billion indemnity package awarded by a US federal court to alleged Filipino martial law victims is the latest and most significant assertion of Philippine sovereignty against the United States. The court points out that the alleged torture, summary execution and disappearance of the claimants cannot be joined into a class suit. It is because “no two persons can suffer the same nature and degree of injury and damage.” It is only during this administration that Filipinos are free from the US interference that was influenced by the LP’s black media propaganda against the Marcoses.

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[VIDEO]: Sen. Risa Hontiveros distributes “Never Again” books to public senior high school students, reminding the youth not to repeat the mistakes committed during martial law.

Foreign Rules Have No Place in the Constitution

The most significant part of the recent court’s ruling is the final judgment of the Hawaii court that is “null and void, for want of jurisdiction,” and therefore “may not be enforced.” “Rules of comity should not be made to prevail over our Constitution. We cannot allow foreign impositions to trample upon our sovereignty,” the court said.

Aquino Stopped Marcos’ Truth

When the late Ferdinand Marcos was flown to Hawaii in 1986, revolutionary President Corazon C. Aquino barred the Marcoses’ return to the Philippines. She did not want them to answer charges against them for crimes they were accused of. Marcos died in Hawaii in 1989, and Imelda Marcos was finally allowed to come home in 1991. This was after winning her high profile case in New York.

Stateside Anti-Marcos Propaganda

The late Cory Aquino remained determined to let the US courts handle some human rights cases against Marcos. This was a clear abdication of Philippine sovereignty.  Cory Aquino was unprepared to run the affairs of a sovereign state. They then launched an anti-Marcos black propaganda that twisted public opinion heavily against Marcos. This went on not only in the country but also in the US. The US political leadership in 1986 even supported the ouster of Marcos behind his friend, former US President Rondal Reagan’s back.

The Undemocratic LPs Are Busted

BBC anchor Stephen Sackur of HardTalk grilled a Liberal at heart Senator Antonio Trillanes IV. Here, Sackur disclosed that Trillanes is actually not for democracy because he does not respect the will of the people. This goes the same with Rep. Rudy Farinas who just transferred to the President’s PDP-Laban Party but still displayed the nature of a yellow stalwart with his dealings with the Ilocos 6 to discredit Gov. Imee Marcos. Another LP Senator Riza Hontiveros also distributes Marcos Never Again Books to students to brainwash them. However, the books are nothing compared to the outrage via social media who are mostly from pro-Marcos supporters. They call them Trolls but they just cannot accept the fact that the truth finally sets the Marcoses free. Most people are even looking forward to another regime of a Ferdinand Marcos or Bongbong Marcos for that matter.

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