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LP’s Anti-Ferdinand Marcos Move using Kian Does NOT Work on Du30’s Drug War

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Elena Grace Flores

It is very obvious that LP members are using Kian Delos Santos’ death to topple the Du30 administration. The unfortunate incident can be due to alleged police abuse during the drug war as admitted by the President. However, even the family of the slain teenager is not happy on Senator Risa Hontiveros’ interference in the due process that PAO already facilitates for the family. His death has just become too political now when they are only after getting justice for their loved one.

YouTube Video by;  ABS-CBN News

[VIDEO]: Nanindigan si Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte na hindi siya lalambot o mag-iiba ng taktika sa kaniyang giyera kontra ilegal na droga kahit kaliwa’t kanang batikos ang inabot niya bunsod ng pagkamatay ni Kian Loyd Delos Santos. Pero kumambiyo naman ang Pangulo sa mga pangako niya sa mga pulis na sangkot sa mga dapat sana’y lehitimong anti-illegal drugs operation.

Swamped by LP Visits

Vice President Leni Robredo, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, and of course Hontiveros did not miss to visit Kian’s wake. Despite the many drug war deaths including children from 4-year old up that are referred to as collateral damage by the administration, it’s only Kian who received such attention. The public can’t help but suspect that the police abuse if there’s any, can be the move of the desperate LP faction before Bongbong Marcos gets justice from his electoral protest against Leni Robredo.

Do not Bypass Bato

The President discloses that after the killing of Delos Santos, he called up Philippine National Police Chief Director General Ronald Dela Rosa.  He orders to immediately put in jail the policemen involved. “The media did not know it but right after it happened, I called Bato. ‘Arrest the guys and place them in jail to wait for the inquest.’ That will continue if it’s murder,” Du30 said. The President even hinted on the lifestyle of some policemen. If a politician can be corrupted, how much more the police?

Remember Fidel Ramos

It is the job of PNP Chief Bato to make sure that his policemen do not abuse the president’s support. Du30 vows to protect the authorities who do their job – not the ones who abuse their power. Back to the Marcos’ martial law days, the LPs always blame then, President Marcos for any killings. They literally bypassed the ex-Philippine Constabulary head, Fidel Ramos. They are throwing the same accusations to Du30 nowadays. Little do they know that even before their outrage, the President already made some actions based on the evidence seen and went through the proper protocol.

Drug War

Filipinos must be aware that the President just try to deliver what he promised during the election campaign. All families must be on guard with the ongoing war on drugs. Like any other war, collateral damages can happen. It pays to be vigilant. Make sure that each member of the family does not have contact with any suspected illegal drug traders or users. One must do their part to help the President shape up the country.

‘What media didn’t know right after Kian’s slay’

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