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Macalintal Challenges Bongbong Marcos’ IT Experts to Prove that Smartmatic Cheated


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Elena Grace Flores

In a face-off interview with Bongbong Marcos’ lawyer Atty. George Garcia, Robredo’s counsel Atty. Romulo Macalintal retaliates that there’s no cheating ever found involving Smartmatic’s machines. Macalintal recalls that some IT experts claimed that there were anomalies in the server’s behavior when the sudden lead of Robredo over Marcos happened. Marcos explains this himself in an earlier interview. Therefore, the veteran election lawyer challenges those professionals to prove the fraud even with just one vote.

Youtube Video by; Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Robredo’s Macalintal Challenges IT Experts to Show a Ballot that Proves Smartmatic Cheated.

Belittling IT Experts

Macalintal mocks the IT experts who give their expert opinions on the transmission trend and server behavior when the immediate twist of fate started on the night of the May 16, 2016, VP race.  This is in contrast with Clean Elections advocate, Atty. Glenn Chong’s statement that says that the fraudulent activities during the latest national elections were not only manual but digital in nature. Aside from being a lawyer, he also has some IT background.

No Cheating by Smartmatic?

VP Robredo’s lawyer insists that Smartmatic did not cheat and there was no cheating during the 2016 elections as far as the PCOS machines are concerned. He admits that there may be some manual cheatings like the traditional vote-buying, harassing voters and all – but never involving the election machines.

Loyalists Witnessed Digital Manipulation

Many Bongbong Marcos supporters went to bed nicely late night after monitoring the VP election results on May 16, 2016. He was over one million votes ahead of Leni Robredo. Only to be shocked with nightmare upon learning from the early morning news that Robredo has the slim advantage. Such sudden twist of fate could not have happened if there’s no digital manipulation according to IT experts.

Recount is a Must Regardless of Who Wins

Marcos’ lawyer, Atty. George Garcia explains that they are open to the possibility that there’s no revision of the vote counts after the recount. The important thing is to measure the performance of Smartmatic earlier before the 2019 elections. If they are wrong, they wholeheartedly accept defeat. But for now, the immediate recount is a must.

You’ll Cry Too if You Hear the Sentiments of Bongbong Marcos’ Supporters

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