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Macalintal is the Confused One, Bongbong Marcos is Favored by the Supreme Court

Supreme Court

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Leni Robredo’s lawyer, Atty. Romulo Macalintal goes on his talking spree again. It is noted that when Bongbong Marcos’ motions are favored by the Supreme Court, Macalintal becomes noisy repeating the Robredo camp’s resolutions that are either denied or deferred by the SC as PET.

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Decrypt the Ballots

Macalintal argues that Marcos’ actions are confusing. He allegedly does not know whether to decrypt the ballots, to revise or recount. He indicates recount in his election protest. In actuality, the former Senator asked for the decryption of ballots prior to the preliminary conference. This is to make the evidence readable during arguments.

Pending Case?

The Supreme Court rules that Marcos’ protest is sufficient in form and substance. This is the reason why the preliminary conference is already set in motion on July 11. It is clear that SC denies Robredo’s questioning Marcos’ election protest. Macalintal obviously misleads the public in this regard.


Robredo’s lawyer also mocked Marcos when he said the election has a “vulne­rable system with breaches of security protocols which undermined the integrity of the entire electoral process.” He detests the fact that Marcos wants to be proclaimed the winner of the fraudulent election that he himself criticized. As common sense has it, when the real winner is proclaimed, then justice is served.

Recount Vigil

Marcos’ loyalists gather in front of the Supreme Court and conduct a candlelight prayer vigil since June 20. It is to continue the next day. Prayers are offered that the SC be enlightened to rule fairly based on the truth. Supporters of Marcos are hopeful that the real VP can soon assist the President.

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