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Macalintal Must Watch How PCOS Let Robredo Win before Accusing Bongbong Marcos


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Elena Grace Flores

Does the lawyer of VP Leni Robredo, Romulo Macalintal know that Smartmatic’s chairman, British Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, was the late President Cory Aquino’s campaign strategist during the 1986 snap elections? If he is aware of the full story as per the testimonies of election experts that include the malfunction of PCOS machines, the veteran lawyer cannot accuse Bongbong Marcos of delaying his own electoral protest just because he files a motion questioning the PET’s approval to give Robredo soft copies of ballot encryptions he solely paid for the reports from Camarines Sur, Iloilo and, Negros Oriental.

Youtube Video by PiliPinas/22

[VIDEO]: Documentary of legal testimonies on how VP Leni Robredo won over Bongbong Marcos with the help of Smartmatic.

The Yellow Ribbon Man

Smartmatic’s Mark Brown is the brain behind the Liberal Party’s yellow ribbon. Disguised as a media man, he orchestrates the so-called EDSA revolution after demonizing the late President Ferdinand Marcos. A mere 3-hour media blackout on the alleged election transparency clouds not just Robredo’s victory but also former President Noynoy Aquino’s presidency.

Most Media Still Insist on Marcos’ Demonized Version

In an effort to discredit Bongbong Marcos even to this date, the son of the late Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos is still blamed for his father’s alleged crimes despite not having any case against him. He allegedly committed massive human rights violations and corruption during his more than two decades in office. To date, the young Marcos strongly opposed providing the vice president with soft copies of the election documents. It is his right to do so since Robredo did not comply with its payment requirement.

Standard Practice

“Like in any other case, both camps are given copies of all documents. This is the standard practice in the spirit of transparency and fairness,” said Macalintal. Robredo also assured Marcos that she would provide him with copies of reports should she ask for decryption. The only problem is, she can’t even pay the 7 Million Pesos balance for her counter-protest against Marcos. As per best practices, it should be dismissed by now.

The Yellows’ Fight for Survival

The next few months until the recount of Marcos’ electoral protest against Robredo in February 2018 and beyond is very exciting for the Philippines. This is where the remaining LP tentacles try to preserve what’s left of them. However, the present administration has put up some measures to stop their manipulative moves. The mainstream media’s credibility is now put to test. Social media practitioners contradict their black media propaganda. The struggle is very obvious in the judiciary section. Nonetheless, with the President’s super majority and the people’s support, even a superpower cannot topple him.

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