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Macalintal Questions Bongbong Marcos’ 51 Election Witnesses Instead of 25


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Elena Grace Flores

Vice President Len Robredo’s camp vowed that Bongbong Marcos’ election protest will last for six years. Sure enough, they are doing all they can to delay the process. Small details are questioned in Marcos’ courses of action after the preliminary conference. They claimed in their recent manifestation that Marcos is inconsistent with what was agreed. One significant detail is the reduction of the digital election witnesses in the first part. Instead of the 25 witnesses discussed in the prelim, Marcos insisted on the original 51 because their testimonies are substantial.

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[VIDEO]: Electoral protest na inihain ni Marcos, posible raw abutin nang mahigit 6 taon bago maresolba

25 vs 10 Witnesses

Robredo’s Camp settled with 10 witnesses against the 25 of the shortened list of Marcos just in the first course of action. Since the Protestant questions the integrity of the entire automated election in 2016, they have to prove every aspect of the alleged fraudulent actions committed. This can start from the COMELEC’s connivance with Smartmatic down to the digital process of each transmission from the servers involved.

Nods on Transcript

In the Preliminary Conference transcript, the 25-10 witnesses agreement get the nods of both camps. However, after the 3 to 5 days compliance document, Marcos retained his 51 witnesses according to his lawyers because each of their testimony is relevant and material to prove the Protestant’s allegation that the automated election was not reliable.

5-Day Compliance

Marcos’ lawyers beat the deadline on their compliance with the order of the Supreme Court to finally submit their priority details within 5 days after the Preliminary Conference. However, they refused to drop some of the witnesses to simplify the process. In order for the truth to come out, they need the testimonies of the 51 witnesses as originally submitted.

Not Acceptable for Robredo’s Camp

Naturally, since it is beneficial for Robredo to delay the process, it is expected that Macalintal’s team would vouch for the smallest details. As the rule of the thumb, only the Supreme Court can rule on the matter. The recount did not happen mid-August this year as per the estimate of Marcos’ lawyers. Therefore the former Senator might as well decide for the 2019 Senatorial elections.

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